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Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy or HCM can be a debilitating and life-changing cardiovascular
disease that reduces physical function and overall well-being.  HCM affects between 1 in 200
and 1 in 500 people in the general population, yet many people don’t know they have it.


The HCMA has changed many people's lives, by acting as a beacon of light in the darkness.  By providing clarity in a time clouded by health issues, stress, emotional exhaustion, and concern for the future.  This page presents some of those stories in the hope someone struggling understands that they are not alone, but part of an HCM community strengthened by the HCMA.



Lisa Salberg

I am not only the CEO... I am a patient

In 1953 my grandfather suffered a sudden cardiac arrest at his home at the age of 43, and my father was then 18 yrs. old attempted to do chest compressions to save him, it failed. In 1990, my uncle, age 47, died suddenly while at an event a few hours from his home in Montana, and then my sister was lying lifeless in a bed hooked up to machines... This was the day my life changed,  June 12, 1995.  Little did I know that February 2, 2017 would change my life even more. "

Nadia Morgan
Jillian Blair
Amy Lenhart
Mike Papale
Kelly Sidebottom
Willie McLaughlin
Karen Newstrom
Vi Tang
Caleb & Katie LeBlanc
Thomas Forsyth
Adam Wodon
Brian Blakely
Debbie Hamilton
John Orlando
Missy Hall Nicholson
Christine Callans
Lisa Vecchione
Elizabeth Wessman
Joseph Caruso
Deborah Capiro
Derek Armstead
Julia Mosher
Deric Wormley
Lisa Salberg
Scott Popjes
Anthony Hernandez
Heather Wartenberg
Dennis Passis
Marla Kennedy
Anna Jeffries
Rush Roberts
Cole Mitchell
Priscilla Williams
Michael Duddy
Claude Brady
Lauren Donoghue-Cinelli
Victoria Karl
Michael Sinclair
Victoria Collins
Marsha Rosenberg
Kent Sperry
Ashley Fisher
Sam Morris
Bill Rossi
Lynda Neuhausen
Tracy Argandona
Raimone Roberts

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