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Help us write a bill, pass a law, and save a family: Each year thousands of people suffer from undiagnosed cardiac conditions with symptoms that range from mild to catastrophic, including sudden cardiac arrest.  Millions of families have a history of cardiac disease some of which are genetic.

We seek to improve states' "Well Child" exams, enhance student-athlete evaluations, and educate health care providers while ensuring families understand their own heart health history.


The Healthy Cardiac Monitoring Act (HCM Act) will:

- Include cardiac questions to be added to the “Well Child” examination for all children under the age of 19.

- Improve professional development for healthcare providers with an online training system.

- Improve student-athlete pre-participation physicals to include family education about signs and symptoms linked to cardiac conditions.

- Improve the ability of healthcare providers to identify children and families at risk for cardiac disorders both genetic and congenital.

Why is this act important?

This legislation seeks to improve the current family screening practices. It will improve discussion and evaluation for those who may benefit from an additional cardiac evaluation.

Healthcare providers need assistance in helping parents understand the need to report family heart history.

Many cardiac conditions have a genetic component and run in families, however, it is often overlooked in childhood examinations.

Thousands of people living with undiagnosed heart conditions place them at risk for complications including a sudden cardiac arrest at any age.

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