Overview: Palpitation is the feeling that your heartbeat is unusually strong, fast, or irregular. 



Everyone has palpitations from time to time. You may notice a skipped beat or an extra beat. Or you may feel a "flutter." Your heart might be racing or pounding, without an obvious cause like exercise. 

Some palpitations are harmless and revert to normal without treatment. But some palpitations are serious. In general, it is not possible to tell what sort of palpitation you are having just from the feeling. Don't assume that your palpitations are normal.

Sometimes an awareness of an unusual heart beat suggests an irregular heart rhythm. In this case, palpitation may start suddenly, appear to be very fast and may be associated with sweating or light-headedness. Talk with your cardiologist about palpitations!


HCMA 6/2021

Young woman suffering from heart attack outdoors