Symptom Journey

Symptoms from HCM can be difficult to define for some patients as they have lived with an HCM heart typically long before "official diagnosis", therefore "normal" is complicated to understand. There is no particular symptom or complaint which is unique to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy but there are typical symptoms patients experience. 

Symptoms may occur at any stage in a person’s life. Even patients who previously had no or minimal symptoms can become more symptomatic for seemingly no reason.  It is not usually clear why symptoms appear when they do. 

What causes symptoms in HCM?  This is a multifactoral process of the hearts' inability to pump and relax effectively.  As HCM is present for years prior to diagnosis; symptoms do not typically begin suddenly. 

The HCMA is committed to promoting education about the symptoms and treatment options for patients, their families, and their medical providers. 

This page will guide you to detailed information on various symptoms.  It is however important to understand that some patients may never have any recognizable symptoms, yet still be at high risk for HCM related complications including sudden cardiac arrest.