Memorials of bighearted warriors

Those lost to HCM live on in our hearts and here we pay tribute to their lives.  Loss is never easy and with HCM it often comes far too soon.   Sadly many lost to HCM are taken suddenly without the chance to say those final goodbyes.  The HCMA supports not only those who have HCM but those who have been touched by it and left behind.   


Caleb LeBlanc
Larry Flanigan
Derek Armstead
Garrett Lyons
Wyatt Christopher Jackson
Caroline Rosenstone
Raimone Roberts
Sharon Safran
Claude P. Brady
Michael Sinclair
Anthony Hernandez
Lori Flanigan
Jillian Blair
Heather Wartenberg

If you would like to make a donation to the HCMA in honor of an HCM Warrior. 

We welcome your support in their memory.

"Forever in my heart"


This website is dedicated to my sister, Lori Anne Flanigan-Munson. It was June 16, 1995, when we lost Lori to complications of HCM. Lori was a wonderful mother, a great friend to all who knew her, and a much-loved daughter and sister! I am proud to say she was my "big sister"!

So here's to you, Lori, I know if you were here, you would like this! 

Lisa Salberg

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The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association remembers those who lived with HCM and have passed.  If you have an individual you would like to include in our upcoming memorial wall please fill out the form below. We will contact you to obtain an image, an image release and information for inclusion (250 word limit).

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