Lori Flanigan

January 9, 1959 - June 16, 1995

Lori’s life reminds me of a butterfly – beautiful and short-lived. She has been gone since 1995 however her spirit is what drives the HCMA, and because of her life and death, so many have been helped.

Who was Lori? Lori was a fun, caring and compassionate person. She was also a bit scattered, a procrastinator, and did not always see the beauty and talent she possessed. Lori had been diagnosed with HCM since she was a teen but never let it dictate how she led her life. She married young and had two children, John and Stacey. After seven years of marriage, Lori divorced and became a hard-working single parent. Unfortunately, she had to endure much stress and hardship at the hands of her former husband. Her children were always the focus of her attention, and she did a fabulous job raising them in the time she was given. Her children were her life, and everything she did, she did for them.

During her life, she volunteered as a Sunday school teacher and Girl Scout leader and was active in many community organizations and events. Lori had a smile that was contagious and calming. Lori had a way of making everyone feel involved and welcomed. She loved to host family functions and cook – even if it was not always the best cooking, and it was done with the best of intentions.

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Lori Flanigan
Lori Flanigan