the hcma provides education and support to assist you in understanding your diagnosis and navigating complex health decisions.

After completing a guided Intake Call, everyone who reaches out to the HCMA is provided a complimentary 15-minute consultation to answer questions on a new diagnosis, decisions on medication, and/or surgery.

HCMA Members are provided a 30 minute Navigation Call annually.  These calls are specifically designed to assist with reviewing your situation and help in decision-making regarding surgery, medication, etc.

Lifetime members may schedule calls for up to 60 minutes and receive a free copy of HCM for Patients, Their Families, and Interested Physicians By B. Maron and L. Salberg


Navigation calls are not typically held over video, but this sample gives you an example of a call with the HCMA.




Sabrina - client Intake (West Coast based)

Schedule an intake call with Sabrina

Me - glasses low res
Linda - client Intake (east Coast based)

Schedule an intake call with Linda

Julie - (Volunteer Projects Intake Interviews)

Schedule a volunteer interview with Julie

Is membership in your future?

Membership provides you a partner in your HCM Journey.

HCMA and Nest are partnering to make HCMA’s current and future services more easily accessible. All HCMA members will receive access to the Nest companion.

We are also working together to streamline the process of keeping your health information up-to-date so HCMA can help ensure you get the care you need.