Isaac R. Rodriguez-Chavez, PHD, MS, MHS

HCMA Board Director

Dr. Isaac R. Rodriguez-Chavez is a biomedical leader with expertise in Infectious Diseases, Viral Immunology, Viral Oncology, and Vaccinology. He is a Senior Vice President for Scientific & Clinical Affairs, leading a Global Center of Excellence for Decentralized Clinical Trials, PRA Health Sciences. Past positions in the last 32 years include: FDA, DER Officer for Clinical Research Methodology, Regulatory Compliance and Policy Development; CEO/Founder, 4Biosolutions Biomedical Consulting Firm; Vice President, Research, Texas Biomedical Research Institute; Director of HIV Clinical Research Programs, NIH; Senior Clinical Scientist, Schering Plough Corp.; Scientist, Columbia University; Scientist, Polar Biotechnology Company and Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC). He has a PhD in Virology and Immunology; a MS in Microbiology; a MHS in Clinical Research; and a B.S. in Biology.



Isaac Rodriguez-Chavez