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HCMA Supported Legislative Initiatives

Help us support legislation at local, state, and federal levels that support the early detection of genetic cardiac disease : Each year thousands of people suffer from undiagnosed cardiac conditions with symptoms that range from mild to catastrophic, including sudden cardiac arrest.  Millions of families have a history of cardiac disease some of which are genetic.


Local: Check with you schools and sports teams to understand their screening for cardiac health history

State: Support the adoption of the HCM Act to improve "Well Child" exams, enhance student-athlete evaluations, and educate health care providers while ensuring families understand their own heart health history.

Federal: Support the adoption of HR 6829 HEARTS Act - to amend the Public Health Service Act to authorize and support the creation and dissemination of cardiomyopathy education, awareness, and risk assessment materials and resources to identify more at-risk families, to authorize research and surveillance activities relating to cardiomyopathy, and for other purposes.