Garrett Lyons

Garrett Lyons of Colorado passed away peacefully into our Lord’s loving protective graces in 2022.

A remarkable young warrior, Garrett was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy in 2010 with a genetic mutation influenced through his Father's Ancestry.  Garrett experienced symptoms of being lightheaded and out of breath while playing on the volleyball court with his teammates.  As Garrett matured, his life unfolded yielding caution to the development of progressed identifiers due to HCM heart disease.  Garrett, 'cried out' in protest to the predicted imprisonment of the HCM infirmity to a restrictive existence identified as a victim of the circumstances.  Meanwhile he respected his Cardiologists' recommended guidelines to comply while engaged in the acceptable limited activities.  We discerned the repercussions of particular activities with reverence to recreation that may suddenly raise his blood pressure, heart rate or fatality.  Garrett understood his physical limitation with HCM as he immersed himself moderately in his many 'love of sports' interests.  He was determined that one day a Cardiac Surgeon would repair his heart condition through a heart transplant; demonstrating to everyone that he could be part of the 'ball team' after all...that his prayers would come true to be 'The Chosen One' to proactively participate with his buddies in sports once again!

Garrett was a gentle, compassionate soul who was generous, pledging his time toward the love of horses, the care of various animals, attentive to his elders, infirm friends and acquaintances, a companion toward autistic peers' welfare.  Garrett was a loyal family member and son.  Garrett was exceptionally gifted, talented, an intellectual young man who sought out knowledge and understanding, who was intrigued by new life experiences and dabbling adventures.  Garrett had an appreciation for the arts, theater, bell choir, playing piano, guitar, singing, drawing, chess, cards, technology and the great Colorado fresh air; snowboarding, ice skating, fishing, hiking, bicycling, basketball, baseball, football, an exceptional golf competitor and a fan of race car driving.  Garrett dreamed of composing his music while completing his educational interests in the medical field.

My dearly beloved son Garrett,
loved forever and never forgotten.

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Garrett Lyons
Garrett Lyons

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