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320 East North Avenue

Pittsburgh, PA 15212

Phone: 412-359-4869

Website: AHN Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM) Program

AHN is a multi-disciplinary team of cardiovascular specialists trained in diagnosing and treating hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The AHN team will provide patients with a comprehensive assessment and conduct a diagnostic test to determine the most appropriate therapy.

Team members collaborate to provide patients with coordinated care, education, and support, including but not limited to heart failure specialists, cardiac surgeons, cardiac electrophysiologists, cardiac imagine specialists, interventional cardiologists, nurses, advanced practice providers, genetic counselors, dietitians rehabilitation specialists, high-risk obstetricians, and supportive care specialists.

The HCM programs offer medical therapy, interventional therapy, such as alcohol septal ablation, and surgical therapy, such as septal myectomy.

AHN also offers enrollment in clinical trials investigating new therapies for HCM. 

Program Director Pietro Bajona, MD, Ph.D. – Cardiac Surgeon trained at the Mayo Clinic and University of Toronto HCM programs and served as Surgical Director of the HCM Program at UTSW in Dallas, TX, before starting the HCM program at Allegheny General Hospital.

Program Director/Director of Cardiac Surgery- Dr. Pietro Bajona

Co-Director/Advanced Heart Failure and Transplant- Dr. Craig Alpert

Cardiac Surgery – Dr. Stephen Bailey, MD

Interventional Cardiology - Dr. Mithun Chavarthy

Interventional Cardiology - Dr. David Lasorda

Advanced Cardiac Imaging (MRI) - Dr. Victor Farah

Advanced Cardiac Imaging (Echo) - Dr. Rachel Hughes-Doichev

Cardiac Electrophysiology - Dr. George Shaw

Pediatric Cardiology - Dr. Brian Feingold (UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh)

Gynecology & Family Planning - Dr. Diego Vasquez & Dr. Devon Ramaeker

Nursing Team -  Jennifer Keely, DNP, & Kathleen Ridgeway, RN

Genetic Counlsor - Kyla Morphy