Legislative Advocacy Call Block

Apr 21, 2022 12:00PM—2:00PM

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Let’s start advocating together!!  It is now time for us to call state legislators and spread the word to gain support for the “Healthy Cardiac Monitoring Act” (HCM Act). You only need a computer and a phone to participate. You will receive a zoom link once you register to join the rest of the participants on our call block. At the beginning of the call block event, we will provide a quick “how to” training and we will provide you with the scripts to assist in bringing a concise message to our state representatives.  It’s an easy (and fun) process, but there are a lot of contacts to reach!  There will be HCMA staff members and Legislative Committee members available on this call block session to answer any questions that may arise.  The more volunteers we have, the quicker we can get through the call lists and get on to the next steps. Our goal is to advance the HCM Act to law in every state!  Your voice is important!!

The “Healthy Cardiac Monitoring Act” (HCM Act), aims to ensure the cardiovascular health needs of all children (19 years of age and younger), and those of student athletes, are met by improving the ability of the healthcare providers to identify children and their families at risk for cardiac disorders both genetic and congenital.  To view the full draft legislation of the HCM Act, visit our website at 4hcm.org.