22nd Annual San Diego Heart Failure Symposium for Primary Care and Internal Medicine Physicians

Feb 04, 2022 6:00AM—Feb 05, 2022 7:00AM


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This year’s 22nd Annual San Diego Heart Failure Symposium for Primary Care and Internal Medicine Physicians will be presented virtually on February 4-5, 2022.


As in the past, the Symposium will provide a current review of the many new and emerging trends in managing patients with heart failure. The series of lectures have been designed to highlight the most important areas of progress. The goal is to put these advances into context with other ongoing management strategies. This year Day 1 of the Symposium will have Sessions on Strategies for Prevention with talks on treating hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, and obesity and new approaches for treating Cardiac Hypertrophy, Amyloidosis, and Other Infiltrative Diseases including talks on management of HFpEF, HFmrEF, and HFimpEF, amyloidosis and pulmonary arterial hypertension.


On Day 2, there will be a Session on Optimizing Treatment with talks focused on the role of ARNIs, SGLT2 inhibitors, newer drugs like omecamtiv mecarbil, vericiguat, and finerenone as well as an important lecture on disparities in care. A Session on Advances in Management with talks on biomarkers, remote monitoring, percutaneous treatments for valvular lesions. The final session will include talks on anticoagulation, the role of the wearable cardioverter/defibrillator, advances in pacemakers and defibrillators, and devices for preventing stroke. Day 2 will finish with a Special Section in which a series of Fascinating Cases along with images will be presented. Interwoven with the lectures will be live panel and case discussions as well as extensive Q/A panels in order to allow registrants the opportunity to interact with the internationally renowned faculty that will present at the Symposium. Our goal is to continue the tradition of the preceding Symposia in providing cutting-edge information about heart failure by experts in the field in a format that enhances adaption into clinical practice.

Course Objectives

  1. Summarize current and emerging treatments available for preventing and treating heart failure and provide information to help in the selection of the most effective choices in individual patients.
  2. Review strategies for implementing medical and device therapies that will lead to improved outcomes in heart failure patients.
  3. Define how specific populations including minorities, women, and the elderly respond to various approaches to treating risk factors and heart failure.

 Attendees will have the opportunity to hear leaders in the field discuss the newest important advances as well as provide practical guidance for optimizing patient care.


 During our discussion sessions, our panel will address questions and comments. 


We hope that you will decide to join us for our Virtual Event!


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