Support Science! Paid Time off for trial participation

A segment of conversation with Lisa Salberg, Found & CEO of the HCMA with Dr. Ahmad Masri from OHSU, an HCMA recognized Center of Excellence and active trial facility.

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Support science! Provide paid Clinical Trial leave

How can the employer community support health equity in clinical trials?

Background the average American has 2 weeks of paid vacation, between zero and five sick days, and some employers offer personal days and community service days.

Clinical trial participants fall into two groups - Healthy volunteers and patients with a specific diagnosis.

Healthy participants are paid for their time, but that’s rarely the sole reason for someone becoming a participant. It’s also about doing something for the greater good – it’s about supporting medical research that will help change and even save lives, maybe even the life of someone they know who will benefit from the development of a new therapy or drug.

Others join us as patients. Usually, these participants are people who are undergoing treatment for a condition or disease, and they’ve reached a stage where it’s time to explore new options, which can include being the first to try the next generation of therapies or drugs. Those who are already diagnosed with a medical condition may need all their sick days and most certainly need vacation time to rest and spend time with their family.

Changing language in an employee handbook to permit clinical trial days to be used as "community service" days is a simple cost-effective way to support clinical trial participation for hourly workers or lower-income workers.   If your company does not currently have community service days - it is a proven motivator for staff to feel that their organization cares about the communities employees live and work in.

To learn more the HCMA is available to help - did you know our Founder is a 20 year Human Resource Executive?   LET"S DO THIS!