Pre-Transplant Online Discussion Group

Jan 29, 2024 7:00PM—8:00PM


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NOTE:  This discussion group is for individuals who have already been REFERRED or EVALUATED for transplant ONLY. This group is not for post-transplant patients.

Meet our Pre-Transplant Discussion Group Hosts, Dawn Levitt and Lisa Vecchione

Dawn was diagnosed with HCM when she was seven years old, and she received her first heart transplant shortly after her thirty-eighth birthday.  Almost thirteen years later, she received her second heart transplant.  After the last transplant, she retired from the corporate world and is currently self-employed as a freelance writer.  Among her writing endeavors, she maintains a blog which discusses various aspects of transplant life as well as featuring pictures of her dogs. Dawn currently lives in the suburbs of Detroit with her husband and two adorable little terriers.  You can find her blog at

Lisa was born and raised in New Jersey.  She was diagnosed with HCM in June 2004 and had had issues with her HCM for many years. According to Lisa, "I never dealt with it. My father also had HCM and he passed at the age of 70, after many years of struggling."  In 2004, Lisa married Christopher Vecchione (upon diagnosis boyfriend, now hubby!). Lisa officially listed for transplant March 29 2022 status 4.  Her heart transplant was on 6/20/22 at NYU Langone at the age of 49.  About her transplant experience, Lisa said, "It went amazing! I am so Blessed ! I was admitted late on June 19th and received transplant next day. Stayed in Hospital until July 8th. And have done amazing since. I learned on God for my strength and it was supplied." 

Lisa worked as an Elementary school teacher and Junior Highschool teacher prior to going on disability.  She has a teaching degree in Early Childhood Education and a degree from Union County Vocational Technical in Cosmetology.  Lisa is an HCMA volunteer, American heart Ambassador, Unos Ambassador, Sharing Network Ambassador, AARP volunteer, UCCAlumni Association member,Volunteer Rutgers 4h Union county. I head up running Church events at True Fellowship Ministry.