Free Online Discussion Group – HCM and Your Family with Host Karen Newstrom

Jun 10, 2021 7:00PM—8:00PM

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Online discussion group leader, Karen Newstrom, welcomes you!  Karen is 62 years old, married, a mother of five and grandmother to eight. She taught for eighteen years, seventeen in kindergarten. In her retirement, she enjoys playing oboe and substitutes when needed.
Two of Karen’s brothers died at age 20 and 34 from HCM. Her father lived with it until 84. Two of Karen’s adult children have it, along with one grandchild and a niece. Karen was diagnosed as an adult and received an ICD due to family history. It has fired appropriately eight times! In 2010 she had a successful myectomy.
Karen’s hope is to give others encouragement on their HCM journey.