Clinical Care

HCM Academy is a free digital CME initiative developed with renowned HCM specialists for
physicians, aiming to improve HCM patient outcomes by enhancing knowledge and confidence
surrounding efficient diagnosis and management.
You and your peers are invited to join the HCM Academy!

HCM Academy is a free peer-to-peer and online educational program designed to measurably improve clinician understanding and confidence around HCM. Developed by renowned HCM-experts, the curriculum aims to provide education and awareness on under or misdiagnosis, genetic counseling, delayed diagnosis and undertreatment, and timely referral to specialist centers, to
improve outcomes in HCM patient care.

HCM Academy digital workshops are being delivered by HCM specialists across the US. These free-to-attend, 60-minute workshops are designed to be informative but interactive: pose questions and discuss practice with like-minded peers. All workshops aim to drive sustainable improvements to clinical practice.

In parallel to the workshops, there are free-to-access online CME modules and case studies that provide greater insight into key HCM topics – you can access these anytime, anywhere via the HCM Academy website, and study at your own pace.  You can also hear experiences and perspectives directly from HCM patients themselves.

This education opportunity is open to healthcare professionals only.


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