Free Flights for Medical Appointments 

We recently met with a wonderful organization that supplies flights to those in need.  It is a non-profit organization that can get you to an HCMA Recognized Center of Excellence.  

The organization is called Angel Flights East. They are mainly in the North East but can fly up to 1,000 miles.  Should your trip be longer, they will work with their partners nationwide to get you to your destination. There is a quick and simple process for approval. They have been helping patients in need for thirty years.

Some of their pilots have flown commercial airplanes and have five times more flight time relative to what the FAA requires.  There are no TSA issues to deal with; they usually have clearance to land within a few miles of major hospitals.

They have added ‘ground service’ to get you from the plane to your destination.  Should you need a car service, they can help. 

This group is dedicated to getting you to the care you need.  You deserve the best care.  To contact Angel Flights East,  call (215) 358-1900 or go to their website at