HCMAs first Hill Day

Hill Day, February 15th, 2024

This year’s Hill Day Event during Heart Month was a success by all measures. It was our first year participating, and while it was a success, we’ve already come up with ideas on how to make it even better next year.  This is what the HCM Community does – make something good and make it better!

Hill Day is an event that takes place on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.  It was a day for us to generate awareness and education about HCM for our lawmakers and elected officials.  

Hill Day by the numbers

29 Volunteers joined us in Washington D.C.

4 Staff members: Lisa, Elena, Stacey, and Linda.  Let’s not forget our staffers who stayed at home to be able to fix, set, re-route, etc things for us while we were there.  A special shout-out to Julie, Olivia, Ross, Sabrina, and Kim.

4 Board members: Rosemary Conlon, Billur Dowse, Kevin O’Connor, and Bill Rossi.

68 People attended the briefing.

3 COE clinicians: spoke on our behalf – Dr. Martin Maron, Ms. Deatrah Debose, NP, and Dr. Steve Ommen.

3 Amazing individuals spoke on how HCM has touched their lives. Jared Butler from the NBA’s Washington Wizards spoke about his HCM journey while continuing to play basketball at the professional level.  Amy Blair, with her bittersweet story of the loss of her daughter Jillian.  A tragic story of loss, yet our hearts are so grateful to Amy for sharing Jillian’s story.  Amy’s motivation is to prevent anyone else from experiencing the loss she has.   Marsha Rosenberg, 81 years young shared her story about how, with good care, you can live a healthy, long, fulfilled life.  She is a great example of this; she is an extraordinary example of how to look and feel decades younger than you are!

15 Meetings conducted with legislators and/or their staff.

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