HCMA/Nest Portal – HCMA Founder introduces you to a new way to get educated and stay engaged

We were excited to announce on HCM Awareness Day 2023 our new partnership with Nest Genomics, a provider of services that helps educate patients to achieve the best outcomes in care and shared decision-making. As the HCMA grows, we must find new ways to provide personal attention and scale up to the larger community we are serving. One of my personal challenges has been how to communicate effectively on topics that are critical to the patient journey experience, including why tests are needed, where they can be done most effectively, what these tests and procedures are, and provide these and other important items in a place you can revisit them later. Additionally, we wanted to create a way to update records effectively to prepare for navigation calls as well as provide updates on frequently asked questions, quick updates of changes in care guidelines, or educating people with new opportunities.

Nest is the KEY!

Lisa Salberg – Cheers

Here is an interview I had during HCM Awareness Day with Moran Snir, the founder/CEO of Nest Genomics. We review our goal for the Nest portal and how we work together.

More answers: Nest FAQ

I hope you are as excited about this new tool in our toolbox to help support you and the HCM community. Together, we can make things better for the diagnosed, find the undiagnosed, help with new treatment options, and learn together to save lives.

We are rolling it out in stages, so please be patient as we launch, but when we reach you, please don’t let our invitation to participate sit too long. We need to help over 10,000 people have their turn to join us in the HCMA Nest Portal. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our office: pm@4hcm.org