George Dooley Memorial

It’s been 24 years – and we will never forget. Twenty-four years without my brother, George, who was also a son, husband, father, teacher, coach and so much more than the roles he played.

George died at the young age of 41 from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), leaving behind a wife, 2 small children, and family and friends who loved him dearly. It was an incredible shock to everyone. After all, he seemed healthy, was a high school teacher, a coach of several sports, and a young active person. But as we learned, HCM can impact anyone and often go undetected or misdiagnosed.

The Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Association (HCMA) has taught us a great deal. This is why we donate a percentage of the profits from our golf outing hosted by The George Dooley Memorial Foundation. George was an avid golfer, and the golf outing is a way to keep George’s legacy alive, raise awareness of HCM, and raise funds for a variety of causes.

How wonderful it was this year to hear that the golf outing was SOLD OUT and we unfortunately had to turn people away. But what an outstanding show of support for George, his family, and for the cause. Now of course we know golfers also come because they love the sport, the event is a lot of fun, and there is food, drink, and great raffle prizes!

So not only do we want to thank the many golfers, sponsors, donors, and volunteers, but we also want to thank HCMA for the important work they do every day. And we know that George, being quite the joker, was looking down upon us all, thinking, “I could have made that shot!” And then – he smiles. -Linda Dooley