HCMA Centers of excellence


757 Westwood Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90095

Phone: (310) 825-8816

Website: UCLA

Every floor of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is dedicated to a particular specialty and equipped with all of the necessary support equipment and supplies. Every floor has its own satellite pharmacy, dialysis storage, respiratory therapy workrooms, and resident doctor sleep rooms.

In addition, each patient room has the capacity to convert into an intensive care unit (ICU) to allow for the continuous care of a critically ill patient in one room.

  • J. Aboulhosn, MD- Pediatrics
  • A. Ardehali, MD- Surgery
  • Arnold Baas, MD- Program Director
  • J. Paul Finn, MD- Cardiac MRI
  • H. Laks, MD- Surgery
  • M. Lee, MD- Interventional
  • L. Reardon, MD- Pediatrics
  • R. Shermin, MD- Surgery
  • Eric Vilain MD, PhD.- Genetics
  • Eric Vilain MD, PhD.- Scheduling
  • J. Tobis, MD- Interventional
  • Gabriel Vorobiof, MD- Echocardiography