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4230 Harding Pike #330, Nashville, TN 37205

Phone: (615) 222-4265

Website: Ascension Saint Thomas Heart

Ascension Saint Thomas Heart is one of the most experienced cardiovascular medicine programs in the nation.  Our cardiologists and surgeons have treated patients with the latest cutting-edge therapies - ranging from remote heart failure monitoring, robotically assisted minimally invasive mitral valve surgery, surgical and catheter-based valve repair and replacement, complex electrophysiology procedures including catheter based atrial fibrillation ablation, to mechanical heart pumps and cardiac transplantation.

We take a multi-specialty approach to care, collaborating to create a personalized care plan for each patient.

    • Ashok Babu, MD - Surgery
    • James Baker, MD - Electrophysiologist
    • Clayton Kaiser, MD - Aortic Surgery
    • Ricardo Lugo, MD- Electrophysiologist
    • Melanie McGhee, NP
    • Andrew Morse, MD - Interventional Cardiology
    • Chand Ramaiah, MD - Aortic Surgery
    • Anna Rodonski, PA
    • Evelio Rodriguez, MD - CV Surgery
    • Ronald Salomon, MD - Mental Health Services
    • Mark Zenker, MD, FAAC, FASE - Program Director
    • Andrew Zurick, MD - MRI