HCMA Workshop: The Power of Sharing Your Story

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Applications are now being accepted to join a HCMA  Workshop with HCM Social Media/Podcast/Blog/Vlogers to develop best practices for optimizing your social feed to raise awareness of HCM and amplify the stories of your Bighearted friends.  

Our workshop leaders have a combined total of 100 years in medicine, law, advocacy, government affairs, and health policy to assist biopharma/device companies, print media, TV and patient advocacy organizations to bring the patient's perspective to the forefront.  This group will share best practices in story telling and use of various social medial platforms while leveraging the HCMA's repository of accurate information to ensure public awareness is factual and sound. 

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When a story catches our attention and engages us, we are more likely to absorb its message and meaning than if the same message was presented simply in facts and figures.

Listeners, in turn, may keep thinking about the story and talk to others about it, which reinforces the memory and, over time, can drive a broader change in attitudes.

Researchers say that different formats of information — lists of facts, say, or charts — may be better suited to different situations. Still, stories wield a powerful influence over our attitudes and behavior.

It allows us to learn from another person's experience and can shape, strengthen, or challenge our opinions and values.

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